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Clans of Aardwolf

<*]AMAZON[*> : The Sisterhood of Amazon Warriors
[Ba'al] : The children of Baal'zamon, divided into Ajahs.
[Bard] : An ancient guild of travellers and storytellers.
(+)Cabal(+) : The Elemental Cabal
<*><|Crimson|><*> : The crimson horde - a band of violent Viking warriors.
=Crusader= : The protectors of the realm, ruled by a group of councils.
^D.a{OI}n.E^ : The mysterious daoine sidhe of Celtic origin.
(-DoH-) : Disciples of Hassan - clan for newer players.
-|Dominion|- : The Enlightened Brotherhood of the Dominion
-=*)Dragon(*=- : The order of the White Dragon, a warrior based clan.
)O(Druids)O( : The great circle of druids.
[Emerald] : The Emerald Knights.
<<|Gaardian|>> : The Midgaardian Publishing Group
o-}HooK{-o : A sea-faring clan about which little is known.
{IMPERIUM} : A collection of smaller clans known as families.
<-)light(-> : Mortal enemies of Shadokil, walk the true path!
|^|Loqui|^| : Chat as Chat can
[-=Masaki=-] : Lawful, neutral followers of the Bushido codes.
(Retribution) : Professional raiders of Aardwolf.
(^Rhabdo/^) : Dark Templars devoted to serving their demon lord Zhamet.
.oOo.*Romani*.oOo. : Caravan of travelling nomads, based on the life of the gypsies.
(Seekers) : True power is knowledge, and this clan strives for true power.
/Shadokil/ : Mysterious band. No-one is quite sure who they are.
+Perdition+ : Knights of Perdition
~-/Pyre-~ : Evil at its worst (best?)
-=Tanelorn} : The society of Tanelorn - hold up three pillars!!
}Tao{/ : The Creation of Tao.
(>TouchStone<) : House of Touchstone
{Twinlobe} : A clan dedicated to all-round mental development.
-}VANIR{- : Minions of Thor and Loki dedicated to the corruption of good.
<(=Watchmen=)> : The protectors of the realm, ruled by a group of councils.
^X.u{N}t.I^ : Elite group of warriors shunned by society.

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