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These are the Rules for any member of  {chaos}.

Read them through, read again, and once more

Prime Directive:
You must help any chaos member or ally if you are able to do so.

You are not allowed to buy, wear or sell equipment raided from chaos or an ally.

Player Killing:
We defend them they defend us.  Help an ally if you can.  In the event that two allies of chaos (but hostile to each other) are fighting you must remain neutral and stay out of the fight.

We do not attack neutral clans.  If you are attacked by a clanmember of a neutral clan inform the leadership and they will probably be set to hostile.

Kill on sight.  Raid their halls and steal (buy, sigh...) their equipment.

Unless it is mutual, it's the same as hostile.  Except a single atwar prevents the two clans from raiding together.  If mutual you and they are OPK (open PK, or mud-wide PK) and can kill and be killed in any non-safe room.  Rarely used except to keep people from raiding with your clan.

Optional, superhero activity.

Not optional unless prevented by real life.  If chaos or an ally is being raided you are expected to assist in any way you can.  During a defense you should listen to the defense leader and do as you're told. Everyone regardless of character level or tier can be useful in defense.

Other critical situations:
Leader's word is law, and you must obey a direct order in a time of crisis.
Leaders also have the power to overrule a vote if the situation demands it.

Non-critical situations:
Ask clannies to help you out.  Ask allies to help you out.
Use your common sense. MUD Rules apply as well, err on the side of caution if you're not sure about a situation.
No whining.  Seriously.

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