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Androg's inferno class

{say}Starling says 'Thank you for doing this.'
{say}Androg says 'fucking phone, hold please'
{say}Sharkin Zanion says 'that sounds painful'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'he likes it'
{say}You say 'I'll idle in here to get the transcript into my logs to post ;-)'
{say}Androg says 'thanks'
{say}Ixle asks 'Is this being held via say or grouptalk?'
{say}Androg says 'say'
{say}Androg says 'well I guess this will do'
{say}Flippin' Flip says 'that's what she said'
{say}Androg says 'we'll get started here, I'll tell you a bit about the area layout, expectations, procedures, and that kind of stuff'
{say}Androg says 'and open it up to some questions'
{say}Androg says 'So basically as you all probably know, it's an epic area, requiring you to be a hero/superhero to even enter the area'
{say}Androg says 'the area is done in 5 sections, each requiring a different strategy'
{say}Androg says 'Inferno is different from many other areas and activities you'll encounter on the mud'
{say}Androg says 'first and foremost, it requires that you pay absolute close attention the entire time'
{say}Androg says 'it takes quite a bit of coordination, and it relies on the group leader counting on individuals to perform their job as asked'
{say}Androg says 'so the five sections of the area: Bridge, battlefield, orbs, 5 room split, and the final boss: Death'
{say}Androg says 'the bridge section is the most unusual'
{say}Androg says 'the group does not follow the group leader through the rooms, but each player must move on their own'
{say}Androg says 'of course, you still have to move "with" the group, if you move ahead, the group is effectively thrown off the bridge and you  must wait for it to reopen'
{say}Androg says 'this process can take 2-5 minutes, maybe longer'
{say}Androg says 'any slip up of concentration by someone can cause the entire group to be delayed'
{say}Androg says 'and usually, delays just end up pissing people off. We're impatient, what do you want.'
{say}Androg says 'after you clear the bridge and all its mobs, you have to fight a boss, and then you can move onto the next section, the battlefield'
{say}Androg says 'Usually, the first thing that happens in any inferno run is the Medallions'
{say}Androg says 'I haven't mentioned it yet, because it bears much more importance to the battlefield'
{say}Androg says 'The reason you can't join a run if you don't have a medallion is 2 fold'
{say}Androg says '1) it's required to keep horrible gigantic strong player clearing mobs off the battlefield'
{say}Androg says '2) it's required for the reward at the end of the area'
{say}Androg says 'Many reminders are usually given to wear your medallions'
{say}Androg says 'again, as long as your paying attention and doing what you're told, everything works out fine'
{say}Androg asks 'The question often comes up: Can we leave autoassist on?'
{say}Androg says 'the short answer is always no.'
{say}Androg says 'the battlefield is a... shit I can't remember the number...'
{say}Androg says 'bunch...'
{say}Androg says 'of rooms, all full of big mobs, and there are 5 bosses that you have to kill in order'
{say}Androg says 'each requires a different strategy, and that doesn't need to really be discussed here'
{say}Androg says 'what is important is to make sure that you're always paying attention'
{say}Androg says 'assisting when required'
{say}Androg says 'rescuing the main tank when required'
{say}Androg says 'staying out of comabt to incomplete heal when required'
{say}Androg says 'phealing when asked'
{say}Androg says 'if you're a berserker, enraging when asked'
{say}Androg says 'that sort of stuff'
{say}Androg says 'as long as each player is paying attention, this usually runs smoothly'
{say}Androg says 'one of the biggest problems I've run into thus far on any epic is a T9 who doesn't respect the group leader's orders'
{say}Androg says 'I run into a lot of t9s who decide that they're going to hit on a boss or something like that'
{say}Androg says 'I don't know why that is, and I'm not a t9 so I dunno...'
{say}Androg says 'but epic leaders generally try to assign jobs in order to keep the group alive and the run going'
{say}Androg says 'so anyway'
{say}Androg says 'moving along'
{say}Androg says 'we're all paying attention, killing stuff...'
{say}Androg says 'boom, done with the battlefield, we move on to the next section'
{say}Androg says 'the orbs'
{say}Androg says 'usually, this part is boring'
{say}Androg says 'unless you're one of 4 people'
{say}Androg says 'and that's how it is'
{say}Androg says 'this part is a puzzle'
{say}Androg says 'and you have to kill a bunch of spawning mobs'
{say}Androg says 'directions are given, if you follow them, it's really not hard'
{say}Androg says 'I'm being intentionally vague here because without being in there and experiencing this part, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense'
{say}Androg says 'the 4th section consists of 5 rooms, each with 3 mobs'
{say}Androg says 'the group must split up and occupy all rooms until all the mobs are all dead'
{say}Androg says 'if a room is left empty during this time, everyone gets wiped and you have to start over'
{say}Androg says 'I've found that this is one of the quickest sections, and lately, we've had such big groups that it goes off without a hitch'
{say}Androg says 'tanks, hitters, and healers are assigned'
{say}Androg says 'roles couldn't be more clear'
{say}Androg says 'usually by this point people are sharp attention wise.'
{say}Androg says 'you can ask more detailed questions about this in a sec if you want to know more'
{say}Androg says 'the last section is a variation on asvarien in OC'
{say}Androg says 'there is a boss, Death, that calls waves at certain HP %s'
{say}Androg says 'you have a main tank, 2-3 hitters, and a ton of healers for the tank'
{say}Androg says 'those players are generally t9s or people with high hps'
{say}Androg says 'this 60K+'
{say}Androg says 'think*'
{say}Androg says 'however, it differs from asvarien in a very particular way'
{say}Androg says 'you have 3 other players who are referred to as sacrifices'
{say}Androg says 'they occupy the 3 surrounding rooms'
{say}Androg says 'the "uphealers" of asvarien become the sacrifice healers'
{say}Androg says 'it adds another dimension to the healing process for the different healers/hitters that are dealing with the room with Death in it'
{say}Androg says 'after you kill Death, you get rewarded'
{say}Androg exclaims 'sometimes well, usually... not!'
{say}Androg says 'there is a reward system based on the # of runs you have completed'
{say}Androg says 'when you complete 15 runs, you become "Rank 2"'
{say}Androg says 'this basically increases your chances of receiving Rank 1 EQ'
{say}Androg says 'no one has made it to rank 3 yet'
{say}Androg says 'but presumably it increases your chances of rank 2 eq, and hopefully makes rank1 eq more common'
{say}Androg says 'ok phew'
{say}Androg says 'that's the basic run down'
{say}Androg says 'and the explanation took nearly as long as it takes to run the area'
{say}Androg says 'sorry for being so long winded, but I love the sound of my voice.'
{say}Androg says 'Who has questions'
{say}Flippin' Flip asks 'Does everyone involved get the chance at something, or just the person that kills death?'
{say}Androg says 'we'll go in order'
{say}Androg says 'everyone gets a reward'
{{say}Androg says 'well, as long as you have a medallion'
{say}Androg asks 'next?'
{say}Androg says 'go'
{say}Lutessa says 'How long is the typical run now'
{say}Androg says 'the last 2 runs have been clocked in around 2 hours'
{say}Androg says 'it could even be faster, I think'
{say}Lutessa says 'what's the minimum hp/mana to be useful'
{say}Androg says 'the more people become familiar with the area, the faster it SHOULD become'
{say}Androg says 'there's really no mana minimum, people are fine with 5k or so'
{say}Androg says 'I set a minimum HP on my runs of 15k'
{say}Androg says 'in many of the rooms, there is a lot of room prog and mob prog damage'
{say}You ask 'was it the part with death or the part just before him which is the "don't move rooms or you restore all MOBs" part?'
{say}Androg says 'not that dying is a problem really'
{say}Androg says 'but regrouping can be a chore, esepcially when you're on the battlefield section'
{say}Androg says 'well in the 5 room split, you have to occupy all the rooms until all the mobs are dead'
{say}Androg says 'as long as 1 person stays in each room at all times, you can move as freely as you like'
{say}Androg smirks 'of course... it's discouraged :p'
{say}Androg says 'unless whatever room you were in is dead'
{say}Androg asks 'next question?'
{say}Starling asks 'What stat build would you recommend for a ninja with 71k hp trained?'
{say}Androg says 'whatever floats your boat'
{say}Androg says 'normally...'
{say}Androg says 'I use people I know/trust to be tanks'
{say}Androg says 'tanking requires a lot of rescuing, etc'
{say}Androg says 'I use people who are used to that'
{say}Androg says 'so whatever build you prefer is fine, really'
{say}Evie asks 'are the medallions owned?'
{say}Androg says 'the medallions are owned/noreown/noshare'
{say}Lutessa asks 'If you miss a medallion run ahead of time, can you still join a run?'
{say}Androg asks 'khair?'
{say}Khair says 'when you say sacrifices, what does that mean?  (Sorry, haven't run an epic yet, so the OC comparison didn't do it for me)'
{say}Androg says 'as long as you have another medallion, you can join late, yes'
{say}Androg says 'ok let me explain that'
{say}Androg says 'the first person to enter each of the "sacrifice rooms" automatically become the sacrifice'
{say}Androg says 'they're called that because you have to sacrifice them during the death fight'
{say}Androg says 'they can't move'
{say}Androg says 'they can't enter any commands'
{say}Androg says 'can't stand, etc'
{say}Androg says 'they can only chat and that sort of stuff'
{say}Khair asks 'ahhh - do they get rewards/points towards inferno rank, then?  or is the run a loss?'
{say}Androg says 'what we have them do is report their hp to the room'
{say}Androg says 'as soon as death is dead, the sacrifices are able to stand up'
{say}Androg says 'they're only sacrificed as long as death is alive'
{say}Androg asks 'does that make sense/answer your question?'
{say}Khair says 'thank you :).  yes'
{say}Androg says 'I'd like to dedicate this session to basil hayden's'
{say}Lutessa asks 'what happens if one of the sacrifices dies prematurely?'
{say}Androg says 'then everyone gets booted from the area and you have to start the death fight over again'
{say}Ixle asks 'Are there logs of past runs somewhere?'
{say}Androg says 'doubtful'
{say}You say 'hmm, I should be able to put one up'
{say}Androg says 'I've never logged one personally'
{say}Androg says 'mostly it's me screaming and getting pissed off on gt'
{say}Androg asks 'anyone else?'
{say}You say 'but a newer run would be better...last time I ran they were still figuring out the area'
{say}Toki asks 'how exactly does the ferry work? also how would i get into the fail room?'
{say}Androg says 'the ferry...'
{say}Androg says 'so the bridge is the gateway to the battlefield'
{say}Androg says 'like I said before, if you walk on the bridge alone, it will seal itself'
{say}Androg says 'and you have to wait for it to open again in order to enter those rooms'
{say}Androg says 'you can use 2 or more people to cross the bridge at any time that it's open'
{say}Androg says 'so each person moves together across'
{say}Androg says 'after you've killed the boss on the bridge section, there is also the ability to be transferred across without having to walk the bridge'
{say}Androg says 'that requires 3 or more people'
{say}Androg says 'the other thing I wish I could explain is the layout of the battlefield and which rooms to avoid if you're regrouping'
{say}Androg says 'my recommendation would be to use the ascii map'
{say}Androg says 'and ask me which rooms have respawning mobs, and try to pay attention to which we've cleared'
{say}Androg says 'once you run the area a few times, you'll begin to see the pattern for the order in which we kill mobs'
{say}Androg says 'The Fail Room'
{say}Androg says 'you get to that via the 5 split section'
{say}Androg says 'if a room is unoccupied during that time, then everyone gets dumped into a room with all the mobs from that section and die'
{say}Androg says 'it's hardly fun'
{say}Androg says 'but it's fun.'
{say}Androg asks 'next question?'
{say}Androg asks 'anyone?'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'also i believe its possibly going to be made noexplore if thats an exploring question'
{say}Lutessa asks 'how do you find inferno?'
{say}Androg asks 'you mean the actual area?'
{say}Lutessa says 'there's no speedwalk'
{say}You say 'heh, usually door tron'
{say}Androg says 'there are hints'
{say}Lutessa says 'hehe'
{say}Androg says 'there's a nice gentleman who walks around aylor'
{say}Androg says 'giving hints'
{say}Androg says 'and it might also be in the helpfile'
{say}Toki says 'hm.. i don't think you answered my ferry question'
{say}Androg asks 'I didn't?'
{say}Lutessa says 'I see'
{say}Androg asks 'rephrase it?'
{say}Toki asks 'who types in the command? how is it accessed?'
{say}Toki says 'you answered more what it does rather than how'
{say}Androg says 'oh'
{say}Androg says 'well'
{say}Androg asks 'you mean the transfer across the bridge?'
{say}Androg asks 'or do you mean manually crossing it?'
{say}Toki says 'the transfer with 3 or more people'
{say}Androg says 'ok'
{say}Androg says 'so Alai is a mob that's central to the area'
{say}Androg says 'he apparently has tons of lines of code and checks and what not'
{say}Androg says 'as long as the bridge section and boss are cleared, he will transfer a group of 3 or more players across'
{say}Androg says 'there's no command'
{say}Androg says '3 people gather, and after a certain amount of time, he'll transfer the members that are there'
{say}Androg says 'after you finish each section, he'll transfer a group of 3 or more on to the next part'
{say}Androg says 'So there isn't a command to engage the transfer, he just does it'
{say}Toki says 'oh ok'
{say}Androg says 'and the timing is seemingly random, but I can't confirm that'
{say}Androg chuckles 'you have to remember, i didn't code it :)'
{say}Androg exclaims 'and the guy who did doesn't remember!'
{say}Androg asks 'who's next?'
{say}Androg says 'don't be afraid to shout it out'
{say}Khair asks 'medallion runs - is that a 15k hp min as well?  do the medallions persist indefinitely, or do you lose them at some point?'
{say}Androg says 'medallion runs are no min'
{say}Androg says 'just need to be 200/201'
{say}Androg says 'medallions last as long as you keep them in your inventory or if you gather the reward after a run'
{say}Androg says 'when you get the reward, a prog takes the medallion'
{say}Androg says 'you cash it in, basically'
{say}Starling asks 'What are the rewards like?'
{say}Androg says 'well...'
{say}Androg says 'some are kinda junky tier eq'
{say}Androg says 'average/bad stats'
{say}Androg says 'sometimes you get gold, tp tokens, blank cps'
{say}Androg says 'quadrapus is in the process now of updating some rewards'
{say}Androg says 'there's a repop item that you have to cash in via an imm'
{say}Androg says 'but he's trying to change it to a daily blessing repop token'
{say}Androg says 'things like that'
{say}Androg says 'then there is rank eq'
{say}Androg says 'so far, we've seen 2 rank pieces'
{say}Androg says 'one of them a couple of people have received as rewards'
{say}Androg says 'the other, lasher auctioned in order to try to drum up interest in running inferno'
{say}Androg says 'madrox bought that, I think'
{say}Androg says 'the rank stuff is resist/dr based'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'sold it to putty when I landed 1hr solidfy lost 90mil'
{say}Androg says 'the piece I've seen'
{say}Androg exclaims 'we haven't seen the best rewards, those come later I'm sure!'
{say}Androg asks 'any questions about specific reward items?'
{say}Androg says 'there is a list somewhere, madrox may have that'
{say}Androg says 'of everything we've seen thus far'
{say}Androg says 'I know there is some fancy dispel wand, a web wand, etc'
{say}Lutessa says 'so they say'
{say}Androg says 'quad had to code a bunch of crappy rewards'
{say}Androg says 'in order to make the really good ones'
{say}Androg says 'and he had to make the really good ones really hard to get because they're so good'
{say}Toki asks 'what does the wand of holding do?'
{say}Androg says 'that's the web wand'
{say}Androg says 'if you ID the wands, ABOVE the id section there is a line that will tell you what it's specific use is'
{say}Starling asks 'Unclanned can run it without issue?'
{say}Androg says 'yeah, it's a morgue area'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'only items of actual use(wearing) so far are the rank 1 float(35 hr/dr 5str) and wrist(25dr 5 dex int con 3 str)'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'sorry delayed response I was looking up rewards'
{say}Androg says 'morgue area means:'
{say}Androg says 'when you die, you don't leave a corpse'
{say}Androg says 'clanned wakes up in their morgue with their gear still on'
{say}Androg says 'nonclanned wakes up in aylor hospital with their gear still on'
{say}Androg says 'it's convenient'
{say}Androg asks 'anyone else?'
{say}Androg says 'don't be shy'
{say}Toki asks 'is rank 3 the highest rank?'
{say}Androg says 'I'm guessing...'
{say}Androg says 'and just a guess'
{say}You say 'nobody's reached it yet, so nobody's surpassed it ;-)'
{say}Androg says 'that there are as high as rank 5'
{say}Androg says 'highest anyone has so far is 18 runs'
{say}Androg says 'that's me.'
{say}Androg says 'and I'm still rank2'
{say}Androg says 'and I haven't seen but one rank1 piece'
{say}Brother Yowza asks 'what prizes did you get since becoming rank 2?'
{say}Androg says 'jack s'
{say}Androg says 'ok not true'
{say}Androg says 'I got the 200 float piece, rank 1'
{say}Androg says 'after that I received a blank cp'
{say}Androg says 'and then the 255 cloak twice'
{say}Androg says 'or something like that'
{say}Androg says 'so basically... nothing.'
{say}Androg says 'the 255 cloak isn't worth anything, it has saves'
{say}Androg says 'I should clarifyu'
{say}Androg says 'clarify'
{say}Androg says 'the 255 cloak isn't worth anything TO ME'
{say}Androg asks 'anyone else?'
{say}Androg says 'lotta silent students'
{say}Khair asks 'if you said this already, sorry, but what's the min number of people to run it?'
{say}Androg exclaims 'I know you're all trolls, feel free to speak up!'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox smirks 'is it true you run Inferno because you can't finish 7 more tiers? :P'
{say}Androg says 'hahaha'
{say}Androg says 'ok min number...'
{say}Androg says 'there's no coded number'
{say}Androg says 'but I won't try with less than 25'
{say}Androg says 'we did it with 20 once, I think'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'correct sir'
{say}Androg says 'the real problem is the last 2 sections'
{say}Androg exclaims 'since it requires the group to split up, you need bodies!'
{say}Androg says 'with regard to the egregious claim that I can't finish 7 more tiers'
{say}Androg says 'I don't know if I could even finish 1.'
{say}Androg asks 'anyone else?'
{say}Androg says 'this is your chance, I'll field zero questions after this for the rest of my life.'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'you're still the best t1 I know Andy'
{say}Starling asks 'Has anyone griefed you all lately?'
{say}Androg says 'I'm the last of a dying breed'
{say}Starling says 'I hear people used to do that'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'keyword on dying'
{say}Androg says 'uhh I had someone attack me during the grouping up last time'
{say}Androg says 'but no big deal'
{say}Androg says 'the pk during the actual run has stopped, I think'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'he threatens to kill someone about once ever 2 runs'
{say}Kerith says 'or twice a run i thought'
{say}Androg says 'depends on who pays attention'
{say}Androg says 'so to recap, the most important thing about inferno: Paying Attention'
{say}Lutessa asks 'Is there any grievous sin that would make one unwelcome?'
{say}Androg says 'try to listen carefully and do as your told when you're told'
{say}Androg says 'don't pk during the runs'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox smirks 'and removing medallion in battlefield after we remind you 10 times :P'
{say}Androg says 'oh that's a good one too'
{say}Mr. Bones Madrox says 'it costs 10-20mins of time to wait for troopers to clear'
{say}Androg says 'generally speaking, if you're IN the group...'
{say}Androg says 'just pay attention and you shouldn't have any problems'
{say}Androg says 'unfortunately...'
{say}Androg says 'going on an epic is not the same as joining a leveling or pupping group and going afk :/'
{say}Starling asks 'How often does the zone reset?'
{say}Androg says 'you have to be there the whole time doing your part'
{say}Androg says 'right now every 5 days'
{say}Androg says 'we're campaigning to have it shortened to 2 or 3'
{say}Androg says 'ok last call for questions'
{say}Androg says 'anything after this can be directed to rotax'
{say}Androg says 'or just ask me in tells.'
{say}Androg says 'going once'
{say}Androg says 'twice'
{say}Androg asks 'three times a lady?'
{say}Lutessa chuckles 'thanks Androg :)'
{say}Androg says 'Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks to Dominion for letting us use the room.'
{say}Evie says 'thanks '
{say}Khair says 'thank you :).'
{say}You say 'thanks for hosting, andy :-)'
{say}Androg says 'my pleasure'

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