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Portal List

Portal Name Portal to: Level
Amulet of Aardwolf AardHotel 1
a White page MYST 1
Aylorian Academy portal The Aylorian Academy 1
Garbage Can Aylor Recall 5
Aura of the Sage The Call of Heroes 5
Wizard's Prism All in a Fayke Day 10
Golden Pet Collar Giant's Pet Store 10
an apple press Land of Legend 10
a wooden yoke Labyrinth 15
Honeycomb War of the Wizards 15
Queen Angelina's Locket Diamond Soul Revelation 20
the amulet of the planes The Planes 25
a two-way mirror Imperial City of Reme 30
a Cracked Wooble-nut Wobbly Woes of Woobleville 40
a train ticket Gold Rush 42
A Majestic Orb Flying Citadel 50
book entitled 'My Citadel' Flying Citadel  50
golem's ear Paradise Lost 50
Goblin Warplans Goblin Fortress 60
A Helliodor Shard Ruins of Diamond Reach 60
Irresistible Calling The Empire of Talsa 60
Passport to Knossos. The Great City of Knossos 60
A Trip To The Killing Fields The Killing Fields 60
The Sigul of Illoria Tournament of Illoria 60
a mirror showing Deneria's past The Realm of Deneria 70
Enchanted Dreams Dark Elf Stronghold 75
Lifetime Pass to the Gladiators Arena Gladiator's Arena 80
Time Capsule Island of Lost Time 80
Enchanted Spellbook Snuckles Village 80
a dark crystal Imperial Nation 85
A Cedria Insanitaria 85
black volcanic glass Pompeii 85
the orb of the stars The DarkLight 85
a pendant in the likeness of Kali Yurgach Domain 85
a poker chip Casino 90
Queen Melosa's Mirror Amazon Nation 100
Cowlina's Trust Cougarian Queendom 100
a Crystal ball Falcovnia 100
a [Trump] of Benedict House of Cards 100
House of Cards House of Cards 100
A Masquerade Mask Masquerade Island 100
Mists of Mashadar Shadar Logoth 100
a share ownership of Hotel Royale ST:TNG 100
a transporter lock ST:TNG 100
Tasha's Hologram ST:TNG 100
an amulet of dragon warding The Broken Halls of Horath 100
Evil Intentions The Empire of Talsa 100
a ring of pale mushrooms Tir na nOg 100
An Envelope of Xyl Xyl's Mosaic 100
A Chip of Willow Bark The Marshlands of Agroth 105
a Medallion of Daemon Summoning The Dark Temple of Zyian 110
Hatshepsut's Cartouche Eighteenth Dynasty 120
Sir Lauren's Despair Gilda and the Dragon 120
the Lemniscate The Archipelago of Entropy 120
the holy well Verdure Estates 120
the Gate Rune Desert Prison 130
Icy Portal of Gvozd Helegear Sea 130
Black Darkness of Angband The Fortress of Angband 130
the badge of the Draconic Intelligence Service Unearthly Bonds 130
Backstage Pass Drageran Empire 132
Broken Curse Dread Tower 140
a Magic Banana Nanjiki Ruins 140
Sea King's Portal Sea King's Dominion 140
the horn of VALERE Shayol Ghul 140
A denali's teleport device The Empire of Aiighialla 140
a Denali's teleport device The Empire of Aiighialla 140
Desert Doom Desert Doom 141
Royal Audience Drageran Empire 142
Laurels of the Victor Cataclysm 147
a dolphin figurine Arisian Realm 150
Permanent Peace Battlefields of Adaldar 150
Muad'dib's Visions Dune: the Desert Planet 150
Joseph Bell Mossflower Wood 150
a demon school handbook School of Horror 150
a cheat code SoulBlade 150
a copy of the ((Map of the World)) SoulBlade 150
Cosmic Calling The Empire of Talsa 150
A Black Pendant Black Lagoon 160
the Timeless Seal of the Ages The Deadlights 160
a Chip from a Red Ruby The Keep of Kearvek 160
Dark Orb of the Vampire The Keep of Kearvek 160
Map of the Woods Eternal Autumn 170
starburst Tree of Life 170
Compendium of Fal'Shara Artificier's Mayhem 180
the Tiger of Kai Takeda's Warcamp 180
Death's Gate The Death Gate 180
A Small Crystal Tree Yggdrasil: the World Tree 185
a Golden Obol Entrance to Hades 190
MYST Linking Book MYST 190
A Jewelry Box School of Horror 190
a Crown of Swords Shadar Logoth 190
Oradrin's Call Oradrin's Chosen 200
a dreary hole of despair The Curse of the Midnight Fens 200
Hot Wok of Qong Qong 201

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