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The map of surface world of aardwolf (very very outdated) is still around, visit here.

Area name Level Mapper Format Remarks
Borg Ship (ST:TNG) 100-125 Abelinc html (1k) Enhanced version of in-game map item
Castle of Vlad Shamir 50-80 Quaint gif (194k) worth a look
City of Amador 50-100 Vesse gif (38k) quite simple area
Coastfollow & Market road n/a Torrid gif (49k) small, covered in other maps
Cougarian Queendom 140-160 Wrilley gif (25k)
Covenant of Mistridge 160-201 Thingol gif (46k) usual :P
Covenant of Mistridge 2 160-201 Vesse gif (33k) logical and easy
Crystalmir lake 5-45 Thingol gif (25k) standard
Cthos Mishrak 175-201 Vesse gif (38k) no comments
Dangerous Neighborhood 5-15 Thingol gif (33k) sweet map
Dark Elf Stronghold 70-125 Vesse gif (23k) typical Vesse map
Deadlights 175-201 Vesse gif (46k) unfinished
Deneria 60-85 Wrilley gif (46k)
Drageran Empire 130-150 Vesse gif (23k) very complicated map
Dwarven Catacombs 15-25 Mahony jpg (39k) handwritten :-)
Earth Plane 4 50-80 Rousey gif (203k) quite big, quite nice
Elemental Canyon 5-30 unknown jpg (87k) very general layout
Elemental chaos 90-150 Abelinc gif (76k)
Falcovnia 80-110 Vesse gif (39k) again, Vesse rocks
Gilda and the Dragon 120-140 Vesse gif (23k) complete
Goblin Path 1-10 Thingol gif (133k) look it, newbie :)
Great Pyramid 5-35 Thingol gif (30k) should be understandable
Great Pyramid 2 5-35 StarMoss gif (8k) room names, layout, doors etc.
High Tower of Sorcery 10-30 Vesse gif (64k) Vesse in his finest
History of Black Adder 175-201 Vesse gif (28k) use it all the time
Imperial City of Reme 30-100 Vesse gif (43k) huge map
Into the Long Night 100-150 Vesse gif (100k) big one
Island of Stardock 10-50 Foul gif (47k) not too bad map
Isle of Quake 5-50 Rousey gif (154k) map with room names
Isle of Quake 2 5-50 Thingol gif (30k) confusing made clear
Land of the Fire Newts 5-15 Aerie jpg (195k) needs convert
Lowlands Paradise '96 1-5 Thingol jpg (49k) good and complete
Maelstrom 20-45 Quetzalcoatl gif (78k)
Market Road 1-1 Thingol jpg (41k) little area map
Marshlands of Agroth 105-125 Wrilley gif (32k)
Mirror Realm 20-50 Vesse gif (66k) nicely done map, helps alot
Moria (I, II, III) 5-15 Ezra txt (4k) very nice ascii maps
Moria (full) 5-15 Thingol gif (37k) full map...
Mountains of Desolation 130-175 Vesse gif (51k) print this out
Myst 100-201 Torrid gif (42k) nice and easily readable map
New Thalos 10-35 Ezra txt (4k) another ascii map, still looks good
New Vertigo (ST:TNG) 100-125 Vesse gif (24k) unfinished
Nine Hells 180-201 Vesse gif (23k) never thought that area was mappable
Onyx Bazaar 35-55 Wrilley gif (6k)
Orchard 1-5 Stormy gif (6k) small and neat
Port 5-35 Vesse gif (34k) only map and locked doors, no keys
Rats Lair 1-10 Thingol gif (17k) typical
Realm of the Sacred Flame 200-201 Wrilley jpg (347k) Complete, including 1 room missing from Gaardian's map
Rivers n/a Torrid jpg (67k) basic streams in aardwolf
Roadmaps (I, IIIII, IV) n/a Quaint jpg (308k) basic layout of roads between areas, quite old so lacks new area entrances
School of Horror 125-201 Vesse gif (37k) evacuation plan..
Sewers (I, II) 5-30 Quaint jpg (270k) useful map, many area exits
Shayol Ghul 175-201 Vesse gif (29k) beta
Sparta (Ancient Greece) 20-50 StarMoss gif (18k) basic layout of the town
Star Wars 65-201 Vesse gif (32k) easy-to-navigate type of map
Stonekeep 70-100 Vesse gif (23k) agro rooms, doors, portals..
Storm Mountain 10-35 Thingol gif (25k) newbie area
Temple of White Lotus 1-50 unknown gif (125k) comprehensive and good looking
Ultima 5-50 Torrid gif (11k) layout w/o room names by levels
Ultima 2 5-50 Vesse gif (72k) Vesse type map, good one
Underdark 15-50 unknown gif (288k) one of the best maps here
Vidblain 1 - 201 Abelinc html (1.5k) "cheat sheet" for bigmap
Weather Observatory 20-40 Abelinc gif (35k)  
Yurgach Domain & Jennys II 50-100 Torrid
gif (64k) many jennys tavern mobs are reachable only through yurgach

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