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[ Black smoke appears from the top of Lasher's room, no new imms today. ]
(At the time of election of Pope)

 WARFARE: WalterEgo (Level 84 Shadow lich) has gone to war!
 WalterEgo (Warlock) tells the CLAN: 'damn typo...'
 WalterEgo (Warlock) tells the CLAN: '"who; combat" could sux0rz'
 [110  Human  W+7] (WAR) Craven leaves west. -|Dominion|-
 [ 84  Shade  M+4] (WAR) WalterEgo knows pleasure.... {chaos}
 [105   Vamp  T+4] (WAR) [Helper] Fenix is addicted to spellups <*><|Crimson|><*>[Q]
 [117  Eldar  Wlk] (WAR) Metzli goes yay for t4. [Ba'al]


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