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Murphys Law

This is where the grey robes and actually everyone of us can add certain empirical knowledge about "how things really work".

  1. You can wait for a Global Quest to happen, but it won't. All it takes, though, is for you to go for a lunch or longer toilet break and your GQ will start then.
  2. Extension to the above: While you are away, its never your regular fast opponent who wins the gq - it's a totally clueless newbie who will win with 40 minutes or so.
  3. If you log onto the MUD, you can be sure your global quest started 1 tick ago. And because you cannot join, the gq will be nowinner or some clueless newbie does it in 30 minutes :)
  4. If the global starts and you kill the niftiest and most important mob at first...when it dies you'll discover you forgot to join the gq...

Tried and Tested (tm) @ Labs of the {grey robes}.

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