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The White Robes

The members of the {White Robes} are generally people with a good sense of humor, creative minds, and enjoy the public aspect of the mud. We are often found on gametalk encouraging people to run around areas tagging us and gathering 30 items in hopes of winning a trivia point.

The {White Robes} handle the public aspect of the clan. We run contests, organize classes, and promote  {chaos} in all we do. There is fun to be found in running these events as well as taking part. We also enjoy thinking of and trying new ideas on contests, more challenges for people who take part.

It is a challenge to be in the {White Robes}. Yes, it is very entertaining at times, but there is also work, in running, and keeping control of the events. At times it can try your patience, with people not listening, following directions, or just misbehaving. However, if you enjoy events, have a cool temper, and the ability to turn a much run event into something fresh, the {White Robes} might be a perfect fit for you.

The {White Robes} tend to work together well, but also have the ability to handle things alone, as both qualities are needed at times. We have area knowledge, needed to run certain events, as well as mud knowledge, also needed for our contests and classes. The rules of the mud are always followed, and we always remember to put forth the best image of our clan as possible. Of course, a sense of humor is essential. It helps make events more entertaining for the participants, as well as helping you retain your sanity while holding them.

If you'd like to try the {White Robes} on and see if it's for you, just let us know. We can always fit one more in, and are here to teach what you need to know about us and events.

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