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Trivia Games


From time to time  {chaos} hosts a variety of Trivia games on the GameTalk channel!

Rules for standard {ChaOtIc TRiviA} -

For those unfamiliar with the rules, here's the basics:

  • We will give a category, subject, phrase, or clue (called "the
    category" from here on out).
  • After we give the category, say the first thing that comes to
    mind when you think of the subject. Sometimes it will be
    vague, sometimes specific.
  • You have until we say 'TIME IS UP !!!' to answer.
  • Whatever answers we find most humorous will be awarded
    1 point for the round.
  • Only first answers will be accepted.
  • There is rarely a 'right' answer. In the event that there is a
    'right' answer, chances are it's something difficult to know.
    We will still take humorous answers in that case. So if a
    category is 'My lunch today' and you don't know what I ate,
    make something up that makes us laugh. :)
  • Also, as this is a public channel (gametalk) please follow the
    Aardwolf rules regarding language and behavior on public
  • NO points will be awarded for inappropriate answers.
  • The person running the trivia has the right to put you on
    ignore or client gag you if you are disrupting the game or
    otherwise harrassing the person running the trivia. Please
    be respectful while the trivia is in progress.
  • Occasionally we will open a category up to tells, if we expect
    them to be non-public material. ONLY categories specified as
    such will I accept tells for legitimate answers.
  • But, above all, have FUN! This trivia is designed to be
    humorous, amusing and give people a chance to win stuff
    who don't have speedy google-fingers.
  • Everyone who wins a round will get a Rune Point, which can
    be redeemed for special prizes!

Rules for {ChaOtIc TRiviA} >>--fLy-By--> -

  • This trivia is usually a randomly done "instant" trivia where
    a member will post on Gametalk a category without warning.
  • Otherwise, this is exactly like standard trivia, you will each
    give an answer until we say 'TIME IS UP !!!' and the one we
    find most humorous or appropriate will win the prize.
  • These usually consist of 1-3 categories and the prize may
    consist of gold and/or Rune Points.
  • All standard trivia rules apply.
  • Remember to have FUN with these !

Rules for {AnAGraMs of ChaOs} -

  • This trivia is a series of anagrams based on a category and
    will usually consist of 15 anagrams per session. The anagrams
    will be posted on Gametalk.
  • When the anagram is posted, you will have usually a 3 minute
    time limit to solve the anagram and post the response to the
    Gametalk channel. Only one response per person is accepted.
  • You have until we say 'TIME IS UP !!!' to answer.
  • The correct response will receive 2 Rune Points.
  • All standard trivia rules apply otherwise.
  • Remember to have FUN with these !


Below are a list of the game dates and their results!


Date Type 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
03/27/16 Anagram Daresia Fenicks Raded
03/20/16 Anagram Daresia Reincore Fenicks
04/02/06 Chaotic Spicyhot Irmie Confusion
04/09/06 Chaotic Jutduli Ikyu Chrysta
04/16/06 Chaotic Cipactonal Jakalair Confusion
04/23/06 Chaotic Ruckus Confusion Jutduli
05/01/06 Chaotic Halo Kerowyn Ikyu
05/08/06 Chaotic Chrysta Ruckus Norman
05/15/06 Chaotic Cyanide Jakalair Jutduli
05/21/06 Chaotic Confusion Aglian Celestria
05/29/06 Chaotic Ruckus Tir Nykaedryn
06/04/06 Chaotic Tir Ceirdwyn Sunsoar
06/12/06 Chaotic Confusion Spicyhot Macphisto
07/05/07 Chaotic  Confusion  Ember  Valefar 
07/15/07 Chaotic Confusion Mij Bovineman
09/09/07 Chaotic Madcatz Arystul Jutduli


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